Company Profile

    PT PELAYARAN NELLY DWI PUTRI Tbk is a company engaged in shipping services and consulting. To provide integrated shipping services, the company has a subsidiary, PT. PERMATA BARITO SHIPYARD & ENGINEERING which is engaged in ship assembly and repair services.

    PT PELAYARAN NELLY DWI PUTRI Tbk as one of the oldest shipping services in Indonesia, was established and began commercial operations in 1977 and is domiciled in Jakarta. In 1989 the company expanded its business field by providing sea transportation services, becoming an intermediary and cargo search agent, ship rental, and other sea transportation support services. The Company also complements its business activities by providing assembly and repair services for ships through its subsidiary PT PERMATA BARITO SHIPYARD & ENGINEERING, whose investments have been made since 1998.

    PT PELAYARAN NELLY DWI PUTRI Tbk's business activities are currently divided into 2 types of businesses, consist of:

    1. Shipping Services. In Shipping Services, the Company provides Ship Rental Services with Freight Charter and Time Charter rental systems. The Company also provides Shipping Consultant services.

    2. Ship Maintenance & Repair Services. Through the Company's subsidiary PT PERMATA BARITO SHIPYARD & ENGINEERING serving shipbuilding, maintenance and ship repair services. By having integrated shipping services PT PELAYARAN NELLY DWI PUTRI Tbk is ready to face global competition.

Vision & Mission


  • Vision

    To be one of the best company in integrated shipping industry of tug boat and barges.

  • Misi

  • For Customers

    To improve the quality of services for leading companies in the pulp & paper industry and other industrial commodities including : logs, coal, split stone, sand and others.


  • For Employees

    Developing the strength and competitiveness of the Company to improve the performance of organizations and human resources, especially the crew.


  • Shareholders

    To give the best Earning per Share and Dividends to Shareholders.


  • For the Company

    Strengthening the Business through the expansion in shipping both domestic and outside the country

  • Our Management

    Board of Commissioners

    Cynthia Sunarko

    President Commissioner

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    Eugene Sunarko


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    Amiruddin Arris

    Independent Commissioner

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    Dewan Direksi

    DR. Tjahya Tjugiarto

    President Director

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    Cindy Sunarko


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    Fredyanto Parlindungan

    Independent Director

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    Tjauw Yani


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    Corporate Secretary

    Ria Novrianti Putri

    Corporate Secretary

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